Who you should not forget to add to your guests list

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things in our lives. There is so many things that needs to me taken care of. Booking a place, catering, what to eat, how will the wedding alley look like, what music band will be there… and much much more. You plan all of this with your wife, that also might want things differently than you. Then you need to come to final decision that covers opinions of both newly married people.


Before you jump into crazy roller coaster of planning everything out, you need a guest list. Who do you want there, who is appropriate to invite even though you might not be very happy about it. Let´s separate the lists into two parts. Guest list A and B. Guest list A consist of people you just have to invite. Such as your parents, siblings, your own children (if you have any of course) and overall close family members. List B is reserved for people you want to invite to your wedding. Now you might ask: Is it okay to invite everyone I want? Or should I choose. Well, there should not be any limitations, but remember to always ask your partner if it is okay to invite particular person. Never invite someone your partner does not agree with or has bad connections with.


You can invite for example: your close coworkers, best friends (who can also make “groomsmen and groom” group) and so on. Remember that if you invite your friend, it is very possible that they will want to come with their partners too. You should ask them before you even invite them, if they have someone. And if they do, if they want to come to the wedding with them.

You need to count all the people very carefully. There will be no extra space for people you did not expect to come. Such as chair for sitting, own glass of champagne and food, that´s all the things that the extra person would miss.

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